MS 200 – PC mag

Posted  01/20/15

“The Best Earbuds” 2013 January round up


Bridge MS 500

Posted  12/8/14

The amazingly comfortable Bridge MS 500 headphones offer one of the best listening experiences available on today’s headphone market


MS 530 – Digital Trends

Posted  11/8/14

Just go buy them right now. Yeah, they’re that good


MS 530

Posted  11/8/14

In addition to smooth music reproduction, a dual-microphone for clear voice capture helps to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise and deliver it to the listener more clearly during phone conversations


MS 530 –

Posted  10/8/14

Taking headphones to the next level – these Chord MS 530 are super comfortable to wear, the Bluetooth works impeccably well and the sound and noise cancellation are terrific.


MS 530 – Mens Book

Posted  09/8/14

Frequent travelers will appreciate Phiaton’s modern new Chord MS 530, with its supreme noise-canceling technology, which eliminates up to 98 percent of ambient noise.


PS 202 NC – Phone Arena

Posted  09/1/14

Sporting Phiaton’s unique styling, the PS 202 NC is a wired set that’s arguably most notable for its noise-cancelling feature and 14.3mm drivers.


MS 530 – Mac Directory

Posted  08/8/14

A comfortable fit and head-turning style.


MS 430 – Digital Trends

Posted  10/9/13

You’ll have a hard time finding a better set of headphones in the $200 price range than Phiaton’s Fusion MS 430


MS 530 – iPhone Life

Posted  10/8/13

If I didn't know these were wireless before I put them on, I would have assumed by the clarity and dynamic range they reproduce that they were strictly wired. Bright highs and deep bass were delivered thanks to Phiaton's titanium-coated driver unit and expertly tuned acoustic design.


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